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Clarence Larkin Charts

Clarence Larkin photo

Larkin was born October 28, 1850, in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Clarence Larkin was an American Baptist pastor, Bible teacher, and writer.

Larkin was converted to Christ at the age of 19 and then felt called to the Gospel ministry. The Clarence Larkin Books and Clarence Larkin Charts have been extremely helpful resources for Christians since they were first published. We are making some of the Clarence Larkin Charts available here free, to aid you in your Bible studies.

During the last five years of his life, Larkin's books became in great demand and and that made it necessary for him to give up the pastorate and devote his full time to writing.

Some of the more detailed are books in themselves. They reveal Larkin's vast knowledge of the Bible and phenomenal insight into prophecy. Practically all of the prophecy teachers today use prophecy knowledge directly or indirectly from Larkin, C. I. Scolfield and Rev "Doc" C.C. Gosey. Few books since their publishing over 75 years ago has improved much over Larkin's works and charts. They are highly readable and easy to use as you study and examine the biblical events surrounding our Savior's blessed soon return. We will be adding many more charts to download in the days to come.